Federico was born in Partinico (Palermo) - Italy – 1st June 1982.
Since he was a child he showed a marked and natural sense for music and singing.
Despite his motor disability since he was born, he continues with this passion for music and develops his talent, chasing and pursuing its goals, thanks in part to his tenacity and strength of will, both to aid and support of his family.
After finishing his studies, Federico began working in Palermo, then he moved to Siena where he attended the University, worked and at the same time attended the Academy of Music Diapason, studying singing and modern jazz improvisation with the teacher Clara Cosci. He took part as well in some concerts organized by the Academy and some musical entertainment in Chianti. In 2005 Federico was admitted at Vocal Classes of Luca Jurman in Milan, practicing vocal and breathing techniques (RPA). Federico voice is described as a barytenor. His voiceprint is a perfect fusion of the studies of opera, soul and jazz improvisation. Federico won many italian and international singing competitions such as:
• Saint Vincent Festival, third place.
• Castrocaro Festival in 2007, semifinal.
• Io Canto Festival in Reggio Calabria, first place, winnig a new song written by the italian singer Andrea Mingardi.
• Vivere la Musica in Stresa, second place.
• The Voice in Rome - third place, winning the production of a cd compilation.
• Canta Ticino (Switzerland), first place.
• Castelletto Mirano Prize (near Venice), third place.
• Sacile City Prize, third place.
• During the summer 2008 Federico took part in the tour of Festival Show with his song "Quel che sei" (“What you are”) performing for ten thousands people in Abano Terme, Sottomarina and Marostica. Azzurra Music produced a cd compilation with his song.
• During the 2008 Edition of Castrocaro Terme Festival he classified among the twenty best singers.
• He took part in the TV Show "Celebrity - The Talent Show" in December 2007, proving his great talent.
• He also won "La Festa degli Sconosciuti" Prize organized by Teddy Reno in the autumn 2008.
• In 2009 he took part in Donida Singing Award 2009 at the Derby Theather and won the third prize with the new song "Raccontami di te" (“Tell me about yourself”).
• At Castrocaro Festival 2009 he won the Special Prize of the Art Direction for the best interpretation and vocal technique. Broadcast live on Rai Uno, defferd on Rai International.
• Third place at Solarolo Song Festival -new songs(September,6 2009).
Federico Martello has a vast repertoire that is based on his great passion for music and singing, which led him to try out new songs and genres. This means that he can sweep over all genres of music, from pop to melodic rock, and all the singers, male and female, Italians and Foreigners, from Baroni to Bocelli, from Dion to Sinatra, from Battisti to Mina, from Villa to Groban, from Leali to Fabian, from Ranieri to Albano, from Zero to Bublè, etc, etc etc
Singing is his joy, his Life.