Jazmyn Grayson is 21 years old and lives in Hughson, Ca. She is married to a wonderful man she met three years ago.  A very big part of her life started when she was seven months old and diagnosed with a cancer called ganglioneuroblastoma/ a malignant tumor. This type of cancer has a ninety-eight percent fatality rate. When they removed the tumor they pulled on her sympathetic nerve, which controls the left side of the body. When that happened it changed her left eye color from brown to green and stopped her sweat glands from performing so she could not sweat on her left side. They left two percent in her shoulder and had to remove a rib to get to all of the tumor. A month later x-rays were taken and not only was the two percent in her shoulder gone but the rib grew back. The oncologist said, “ bones don’t just grow back, I think there’s something biblical about this”. her mom replied, “ya, we call it a miracle”!
Jazmyn says -"I know God kept me alive for a reason and I believe that reason is to sing!" "Even if I only touch one person out of a million, at least that one person has been touched. My mom said I sang my first song before I said my first word and I believe This is what I was born for!"