Alexa Pol – singer - songwriter.
In December 2008 she won international "Breakout festival" out of 250 British bands and represented Britain in Maldives "Breakout festival".
She was born 3rd of September,1982 in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Now she represents Great Britain with grace and Great Energy. She was introduced to music at an early age (her Grandfather was a brilliant musician) and when the young Alexa showed a particular flair for music, her parents encouraged her to enrol for music school (later she graduated Lithuanian Music Academy in choral conducting). At the age of 15, Alexa met a touring Jazz band which were impressed with Alexa and asked her to join them as their singer. She took the job – her first step in her professional career. With Alexa fronting the band, the group grew in popularity – holding the number 1 Spot in Lithuania for two and a half months! In the year 2000, Alexa was introduced to a popular Russian Chanson band “Kupe”, and joined them for records and tours until mid 2005.Alexa decided to pursue her lifelong dream, and moved to London to record a pop-rock album with established British producers. From 2005until 2007 - she worked as a solo artist around UK and Europe. From 2007 Alexa is supported by G-town band. In 2008 her dream came true: she finished her first pop-rock solo album!!!
Her dream is to achieve recognition as a pop singer and help people who are, or have been victims of cancer.


David said...

Just checked out both her Music Videos on Hollywood Stars - Alexa U Rock!!!

david said...

I'm wondering what inspired the song "It's All Joke" - I really enjoy your music. Can't wait to here more.

Ilya said...

Alexa is the BEST!!! Huge talent and powerful voice and if this is not enough just look at her !!!
Have seen her live performance and this was fantastic experience